1. Molten Wow? What happened!!

    Hey guys, I used to be very active when it was Molten Wow (joined 2009), logged on after all this time to find all of my characters were gone!

    Had a couple of decked out characters with quite a lot of donor items, have I missed something?


  2. I think you missed the chance to get some of your coins back. I don't think they'll give you any coins back I think since it happened last year I think.

  3. well since your is a 2009 account it means you already correctly recoverd your account after Molten Wipe so you should not be surprised by the fact your characters are gone....

    if you mean you lost your instant max level characters with gear you got via Coins Molten given after Molten-Wipe then I do not know what to say, some realm got merged and maybe you did not actived the transfer or someone else logged your account and deleted them

    You might try to contact [email protected] in this last case to get more info

  4. No ones logged in and deleted them, I know that for certain, I can see there were 2 realm transfers completed in November 2016 for my 2 main characters to the realm Icecrown, but when I logged onto Icecrown I just had a level 1 character with no name?

  5. Think thats it... responded to my email saying I didn't recover my data fast enough, lost all my chars, 73 coins, 415 points :| now they wont respond to my emails!

  6. Does anyone know the best next step? They're ignoring my emails and giving me generic responses via ticket - am I best charging back all of my donations and just doing them again?

  7. Does anyone know the best next step? They're ignoring my emails and giving me generic responses via ticket - am I best charging back all of my donations and just doing them again?
    I think charging back donations is against TOS. (I think it says it when you donate, that if you chargeback, you will be blacklisted from the server for eternity).

    As someone said above, shoot an email to [email protected]. They usually respond pretty quickly if it's related to donations and premium accounts, but eh....

    If they keep on ignoring, best bet would be looking for Proterean or Edifice who lurks around the forum.

  8. Thanks Zelda, I've sent them a pm - fingers crossed!

    I'm not too fussed about the characters really, I completely understand its been too long to restore them, more interested in the 70+ coins / 450+ points

  9. Around 2 years ago ...thing happened and everyone's account was deleted. We were able to recover the accounts themselves and coins through logs that were stored somewhere else and we had about a year or so available to complete the recovery and get the coins back. Your only possible chance would be if you still have your donation receipts, you might recover those if you email them about it, otherwise you're around 365 days late give or take.

  10. They were able to confirm how many characters I lost, how many coins and points I had but basically said the time had expired and I couldn't recover them now.

    I responded to their email explaining I wasn't bothered about the characters etc and they've ignored all 6 emails I've followed up with.

    The admins on the forums haven't acknowledged my messages and GMs just respond to my tickets with a really snotty answer, aswell as the fact everytime i try to submit a ticket through the support section it says im using banned words.

    A bit lost, I just feel as though they should be able to return my coins, I supported Molten and got them in return, their server got screwed up which shouldn't push a responsibility onto players as a result (in my opinion)

  11. Neither Forum Moderators nor GMs deal with any of that. The people who do are the ones who answered you already. If Support (the ones who answer both the [email protected] email and support tickets) has given you the answer that it is too late, other Staff have nothing to change about that. This happened over two years ago and people were able to recover everything for most of the first year. Now, that has been long discontinued and isn't offered anymore. As 3ntropy said, you're kinda over an year late, and you didn't care about your account for over two.

  12. Come to the conclusion now nothing is going to be done about the coins, points or anything so I'll just play like a normal player, but I'll definitely not be "contributing" out of pure principle. Quite shocked how little input staff have overall to be honest, feels very Blizz-esque

  13. The coins and points that they gave back had to be spent within 2 months. It was said from the beginning and there were multiple announcements about that. If you read any of the information that they posted at that time you would know that. It has been more than 2 years now and you are trying to get back something that expired after 2 months.

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