1. Best healer comb with DK?

    Hey guys im gonna roll dk-healer in 2vs2 with a friend and i need some feedback about wich healer works better with an unhuly dk and why, thanks.

  2. disc priest > rshaman=rdruid>hpal. unholy dk lacks MS so, in general, any healer/uh dk sucks balls.
    disc priest dispels+mana burn+fear+somewhat ok dmg output (for healing spec obv)
    rshaman dispels+heroism(OP for garg)+additional interrupt+hex
    rdruid (obv specced into insect swarm) best offensive healing spec in wotlk - cyclone OP+mobility
    hpaladin best defencive option, but prepare to have long *** fights against other dps/healer combs. (if u wanna play with hpal u better gor frost)

  3. DK and healer isn't that great, but works better if the healer has good offensive burst or dispel. Disc Priest would be ideal.

  4. im not gonna play war because a friend of mine is gonna roll war and i need a char able to tank so im between feral or dk for arena

  5. Feral is better with disc/rshaman, but you have to play one skill tier above as feral.

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