1. Is there any way to request an admin to change Alchemy Specialisations?

    After doing a short amount of research and asking a helpful person in Global chat, I stuffed up.

    I read online I could get an easy spec (Transmutation), then abandon it and choose what I wished to actually do by paying 150 gold

    Then I got stuck trying to find out how, because the guy who taught me it wouldn't let me unlearn it.

    This is a bug in the Lordaeron server apparently and since the bug tracker doesn't ever seem to fix reported bugs, is there any way an admin can change my specialisation to potions? I would happily have the 150 removed from my account to change to potions.

  2. Open ticket in-game and try your luck.

    Some GMs are nice enough to help you out while some will simply tell you to go to Bugtracker.

    But before that,

    - Open your skill book and make sure you actually have Transmutation Master.

    If not, make sure you have actually finished the quest, which... well I kind of doubt because all you have to do is click Complete Quest.

    Good luck.

  3. Yep, I certainly have that ability but after talking to the guy he doesn't mention it.

    There's one bug report in the bug tracker, but it's over a month old and not seen as important.

  4. I did this some time ago , also talked to a GM when it was bugged that you could even change your mind before finishing the quest to get another spec , i dropped my q and the transmute guy did not have another q for me , anyway GM cant help , but they fixed it at a point for me.
    The way i remember was you have to talk to the other NPC so if u want to switch to pot master you dont talk to the transmution to unlearn , you go str8 to the pot master and he SHOULD have the option for you.

  5. He does not sadly. I already checked every possible way to learn the potions and it didn't work

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