1. Strange Interface Issues

    So whenever I start my game I have it set to "run as admin". I have game files located in C://Program Files/World of Warcraft.
    When I start my game it never seems to 'save' or cache the fact that I've opened it before. It always loads the cutscene and loads graphics resolution to default. The strange part is that it seems to register and understand previously entered graphics settings but not sound settings. Is there a fix for this? It's a bit obnoxious to have to constantly set my game to "run in uber mode" every single time I open it.


  2. Its because its in "program files". Just drag the wow folder somewhere else and u will be golden.

  3. Did NOT work.
    Moved folder to desktop, made sure warmane's WoW was set to run as admin, entered and exited. Still showed WotLK cutscene and required me to re-accept the EULA yet again and reset my visual/audio settings.

  4. Courtesy bump. Still dont know why this is happening.

  5. May 1, 2017  
    Having same issue with WOTLK client...doesnt save graphics settings and makes me accept user agreement everytime i open game...ive moved wow folder from external to deskto pand set it to run as admin still having the issue

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