1. May 14, 2017  

    [A] <The Alliance> Is Recruiting L90 Tanks & Healers for L90 Raids!

    <The Alliance> an English-speaking guild with all L25 perks is looking for you! We are currently recruiting L90 tanks and healers to fill out our L90 raiding roster. Our goal is to hit 25-man content as soon as our three 10-man groups are solidified in farmed L90 raid content. If interested, please whisper 'Yuckfoo', 'Oxmethyldrol', 'Zehaloth', or any <The Alliance> member in-game. (You may be referred to one of our guild admins.) No mic, webcam, or voice-chatting software required, so don't get all shy on us. We just plan, type, and go. It ain't rocket science, baby!
    Edited: May 15, 2017

  2. October 2017 Update: <The Alliance> is still looking for you! We are looking for active, loyal, consistent members that enjoy playing WoW. Whisper 'Yuckfoo', 'Keavan', 'Oxmethyldrol', 'Cutielocks', 'Wung', or any <The Alliance> member if you are interested in joining, or for more information! (You may be referred to one of our guild admins.)

    No voice or webcam required, so don't be shy. :)

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