1. May 20, 2017  

    Frostwolf: Twink Resurrection

    My name is RnGeesus - or so it would appear - but you and I know that appearances can be deceiving. Who I am is not so important as what I stand for.

    The Guildmasters of the Frostwolf Twinking guilds have made bold and grand claims. Claims that they would, that they could bring our ancient, sacred art back from the shadows, and though their words held the semblance of truth you and I know that appearances can be deceiving!

    You, my brothers, my sisters, have felt lonely. You've been angry, disdainful, even afraid, and the most hopeful of you may have even found yourselves trapped by the clutches of despair.

    For Twinking in Frostwolf appears to be dead, but not everyone knows what we know.

    The ancient scrolls of a long dead civilization speak of one who can offer you all Redemption! They say he will awaken from an eon of slumber, as a demigod rises from the dead! He will call forth from the ever-deepening shadow all of you who held fast to our cause! All of you who remember the meaning of the word Twink! And with that Word he will instill fear in the hearts and minds of those who would betray our art, who would unlock their XP and commit suicide thereby.

    Emerge from the shadows, all whom I serve, I summon you! Tomorrow at 6:00 pm Server Time I bid you assemble in Dalaran where all twinks gather and discover the secret of your own Resurrection.

    I appear to be RnGeesus, but remember that I appeared! And although I admit that I may be an imposter, if I am not me then... who am I?

  2. May 20, 2017  
    Ironically there had been bits of twink surge on MOP, some new ones I haven't seen before.
    They're on randomly, especially 70-74 twinks and 85-89 twinks.

    Horde will continue to remain how it is now in it's state because it has no leader, Alliance will only come back if Horde is reborn.

    So twinks will still log at random, sometimes, when they see others, especially in Durotar. Other then that the only seemingly active group is the Ghost Clan (Ghost Twinks), who only respond to a a 4 letter/number response on global now. Not wise to try and find them if you can't see them, you will need to know their code whatever for them to even wisp. you.

    But yes, this is how twinking is currently for us MOP folks.

  3. May 20, 2017  

  4. May 20, 2017  
    Give up and go to Outlands.
    You clearly do not know the twinks of Frostwolf. Unlike other expac, they're more unifed instead of being constant enemies because 90% items and resources they give out free to one another, they train one another, etc, like the days where cross faction chat was allowed, you had members of the opposite faction recruiting those opposite to their faction.

    On topic, this was bound to happen. Both sides need to be balanced in terms of leadership, but one side is missing a leader, hence why the main brackets are not so active.

    There was a thread to petition event ideas to Warmane, not sure if this was ignored or not and no announcement was made, even the bug that still plagues us, bg/arena bug.

    Us ghost twinks are a bit busy dealing with some Warrior 90 who thinks he's slick, his actions was the result of all thoae Hakmud npcs that flooded Frostwolf. But yes since then we respond to 4 number code which is the name of our global chat.

    We are willingto help resource wise, but we can't give when there is no balance.

    Aside from that majority of twinks and 90s do not like TBC.

    Anyways, don't assume you are by yourself, us ghost twinks are always nearby.

  5. May 20, 2017  
    Rip i was the only one who showed up.

  6. May 20, 2017  
    Rip i was the only one who showed up.
    You have to realize not many of us have the same time zone, let alone most of us don't check forums at times whereas other twinks don't read forums at all.

    Anyways, I too, want to see players return. I had an idea that we can push event suggestions to warmane, as well as getting the bg/arena bug fixed.
    But no mater what we suggest, nothing was done, possibly even looked at. Right now warmane's focus is tbc, while we have to spent more months with that irritating bug, I believe its been like 3-4 yrs now.

    But I don't mind meeting up with peeps, just need to do it at a right now, get everyone involved (monsters, 12k, ghosts, ttls, shattered soul, etc)
    Edited: May 20, 2017

  7. May 21, 2017  
    Nay, you were not the only one.

  8. May 21, 2017  
    I had a comment about the situation, but I didn't see that my post was blocked.

    What I'm trying to say is as of now, I had given up on promoting the fix for bg/arena bug, that caused some twinks like Mythirac to flip out because the changelog said it was fixed, but it wasn't.

    As for event suggestions,* it needs to be petitioned and suggested to staff to help whichever bracket grow. If Hisue can host an all level 1 pvp event, why stop there when you can involve players by brackets* to get involved not only for pvp, but for run too, 2s tournaments, classic pvp Tarren Mill vs Southshore, or host an all out Allaince vs. Horde event in Gilneas Ruins involving ALL LEVEL RANGES 1-90

    The more involvement for players, the better it helps the realm, this goes for cata players and twinks who are practically in stasis state.

    Staff can work with twinks to form events, organize something for Hisue to work with, as for our powerhouse twinks,* try not to over do it, talking about Glass Canons, ToS, Ghosts, etc, as Dujin and Nanao once said, at times you have to offer a handicap, this is the case with those who want to join the bracket and not feel as though they're easily* steamrolled.

    But yes, things need to change for the better, mainly for mop, as for cata, if possible, they should offer transfers for people from cata who get no action at all, Truk, Uchala, and Talset are prime examples of early twinks who haven't seen fights for months,* years.

    This is what I think, for now I just offer advance, occasionally meet with other twinks, which was displayed in Durotar a few days ago.

    I'm also proud of the Twinking community on mop, even with the likes of Rflow, Comboz, holyburst, and pce, they have contributed early on, as well as members of SNP.

    As for me, I'm a bit busy with irl stuff so I am not as openly present as I was before.

  9. May 21, 2017  
    My heart will always be at Frostwolf, its where i helped form something beautiful. Love the twinks, options for brackets and gear and everything about it.
    But i will put my mind on Horde twinking on TBC now, unless i am needed on Frostwolf. If you ever need me to come back, to help, to pass out gear, anything, join the discord i linked, anyone can join, even without registering, and msg me. No thing is too small a favour to ask for, all love to the Frostwolfers. Ill always be with you.


  10. May 21, 2017  
    Well said.
    As for TBC only one from Ghost Clan went, he's part of Old School's Twinking guild, was invited by some dude names Ons. His motive is to be the strongest Rogue on TBC, despite being open to minimum resources and aid.
    But us Ghost taught him well, especially what he will be going after in Tanaris soon. If you do meet him, he is one of those guys who wants to prove he got strong.

    Yes, warmane will need to be involved, at times some player events could get out of hand.

    We took care of the guy who spawned those Hakmud vendors weeks ago, but just like our Gargoyles, it cost us our infamous Arrow Event.

    So as of now, we just roaming, going after CR xmogwrs as usually, but if you guys need anything, our lead has collected many things for both 60s, 70s, a bit of 85 things, in order to help.
    But he even said both sides need to have active leadera before he could do anything.

  11. May 21, 2017  
    Im Horde, and ill also be making a Rogue, either 19 or 29, id love to get a challenge. Ive made a Guild for Horde twinks if any of yous havent seen, called "Twink" feel free to join if you ever hop on.

  12. May 21, 2017  
    One things for sure, we are all not dead yet. Old School from wotlk will have a show because Ghost clan members (Ghost twinks) are hella destructive at full power lol. With the resouces open on TBC, they can become a walking arsenal like they were when Nanao was present.

    Anyways, I don't think I'll be going to TBC anytime soon. A lot was done on Frostwolf and to leave it all behind is a waste. Mainly my collection of swords and daggers I saved up :D

  13. May 22, 2017  
    hey what lvls of twinks are going to take place in tbc?

  14. May 24, 2017  
    There has been a few new twinks that has appeared, from what we've seen on Horde side. The release of TBC has turned MOP, during some time of day, into a ghost town, so to speak. This goes for the majority of levels range of 1 to 90.

    More things have been disabled as well, mainly in the Pandaria area, as well as a few wotlk npcs, items, etc.

  15. May 24, 2017  
    We'll see how this goes. I give it weeks, see how mop is doing. I still play there and now at times it is rather empty on some days.

    As for twinks, they show up if they see another twink. But with TBC out, some may think that everyone moved to TBC. So far I ran into Red Panda and Vio. Hineta as well. I think Profqt was on at some point too.

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