1. GridExtensions is mentioned in the list, I can't find it in the google doc though. I found the 2.4.3-compatible extensions for manabars and 4 extra "dots" for buffs/debuffs on curse but was wondering if there were more extensions that were available for 2.4.3 I'm missing (like more options for actual Icons)?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. is there a healbot or anything similar?

  3. Is there any gather addon that works on 2.4.3 ? bc i cant find any working gather

  4. I downloaded Quartz, it shows up on addons list but it doesn't work in any way nor can I configure it with /quartz command.

    Any help is appreciated thank you : )

  5. yo guys can anyone tell me if theres a Bossmod Addon for 5 man Dungeons/Heros that works propperly and shows abilities, timers, etc? i heard DBM doestn do it. thx for help :)

  6. Is there any gather addon that works on 2.4.3 ? bc i cant find any working gather
    Gatherer does work though...

  7. July 1, 2017  
    Have question about Recount and Milk scrolling battle text addons. Have 2.4.3 ver and after while of playing Recount stops counting and MSBT is not showing numbers. Any idea?

  8. July 3, 2017  
    Been looking everywhere for a working Soundalerter, thank you OP!

    @Drainx it was around even before TBC.

  9. July 5, 2017  
    For Christ's sake, do not reupload my addons. They are under development and people should get updates directly from the repositories I host on GitHub.

  10. I can't get ShadowedUnitFrames to work, anyone got a working link perhaps?

  11. anyone has a pitbull working? having issues with buff/debuffs auras

  12. how to move bars in bartender ? used /bt and its not on mini map or add on list

  13. pls i want super duper macro link if u can.. thx i appriciate i cannot find a working super duper macro addon for tbc

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