1. 19 hours ago  
    Will there be an end of season tournament? Something like top 8 3v3 teams of each expansion (maybe 4 teams for Nelth/FW).

    Would be nice to get some professionally managed 3v3 tournaments again.

  2. 19 hours ago  
    Greetings mates, do all players in team need to have 75% of the games played to get tittle like last season or we don't?
    The players with over 75% played are gonna get the titles and the ones that don't have it won't.

  3. 1 Hour Ago  
    Please staff give more information on the topics below:
    - Will you flush the arena points at sunday, before ending the season
    - This requirement for 70% of games played - This was decided for the other realms, but it seems that TBC was not taken into consideration. 2v2 is essential for TBC and the calculation just doesn't fit. With 70% games played is it impossible that 3 players in the same 2v2 team can get a title.

    2v2, total games in team 100:
    - 2 players, each played 100 games. In order to qualify for title, they both need to have played at least 70 games. If a player in this team has to get 70 games out of the 100 total, then 3 players would result in 210 games, while the team allows max of 200

    3v3, total games in team 100:
    3 players, 100 games each, each needs 70. The team has max of 300 games(3 players x 100), and each player needs minimum of 70%. If 4 players play 70 games each , that makes 280.

    Conclusion: 4 people can get title in same 3v3 team, but only 2 people can get title in 2v2 team.

    This is not wise for the burning crusade realm. The personal rating difference of 150 is enough to prevent any kind of abuse. I kindly remind that this is trully non-blizzlike, and the blizzliek percentage is 20%, which is very far from 70%.

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