1. Movie suggestions

    What movie do you suggest to watch? What you've been watching lately?

  2. What's the genre that you like watching?

    As it stands, people will recommend you movies based on their personal taste, and you might not agree with their suggestions. For example, I utterly dislike action movies, because I find the action scenes to be repetitive and boring, but I know some people who enjoy them. So, I ask you once again: What type of movies do you like watching?

  3. Chinese Kung Fu? Ip Man (1 & 2 are great, 3rd's kinda meh).

  4. Considering you haven't specified any preferences I think it's sensible to recommend some "classic" that everyone can appreciate. So yeah, you should check out "Leprechaun 4: in Space".

  5. 'The dead shaman is riding to his mother's grave' and 'Dry underwear at the bottom of the sea' are two classics.

  6. Bad boy for life, this is a good movie

  7. Just watch those three.

    Gladiator Movie

    fight club


  8. May 13, 2021  

  9. May 25, 2021  

  10. American Story X

    Watch the ending with attention.

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