1. As far as I read, it seems that the catchup system is still not fixed. Warmane should start getting serious about it since it seems that the server population keeps dropping (idk, I haven't played for a while... in part because of this bug (not because it would benefit to me since it wouldn't at all, but to the server itself)).

    I'll keep an eye on forum from time to time to be aware of its catchup system status, checking the population, and eventually coming back for some matches (when my other reasons let me XD).

    Edited: June 20, 2017

  2. Kishia made some good points, but I think his post neglects the main attraction of Frostwolf for those of us who still play it: it's MoP. For some of us, MoP pvp is many times better than WOTLK pvp. I really enjoy the pvp here, for all the shortcomings of the server.

    But yeah, if you don't have any special attraction to MoP, then I agree that a server like Icecrown would be a better choice. I think that most of us still playing on this server, and certainly those who decide to start here fresh, do have a special attraction to MoP.

  3. Points made by Kishia are just stupid. He is just spreading negative information about the server that is complete bull****. How can You blame server that "teams in bgs are not balanced" are You kidding me? How is this servers fault? It is normal that You get randoms in random bgs.
    Other servers have more players playing 2s,3s and instant ques. The quest are instant because the servers are empty, according to my information there is no other MOP server with higher population over ONE realm than Frostwolf.
    Stealing gold? This is just plain stupidity.
    Everything is done to attract people, there are some decisions made that are not popular etc. but that's there way of trying to attract people.

    I usually encourage people to roll Frostwold, but the realm would be better if You left.

  4. Devastation bg scene btw, bug abusers

    I hate that trinket, but we can't seem to get any confirmation from devs whether they see it as being bugged, an exploit or working as intended.

    At first, only a few players were using them, but now tons of players are.

    So I would, once again, respectfully ask the devs to clarify:

    "Do you consider the kidnapped puppy trinket to be an exploit"?

    If the devs continue their silence, you really can't blame people for assuming that using the trinket is ok. And I say that as someone who thinks it is clearly bugged- you don't even have to equip the trinket during the bg, you can just use it before the bg to summon pets and then equip your regular pvp trinkets. It basically gives you permanent hunter stampede during a bg, with no tradeoff in reduced stats, resil, etc. That can't be how it worked on retail.

    It's just common sense to me that a low ilvl pve trinket wouldn't be powerful in pvp, and yet it is. Seems like a clear bug to me, but if the server makes the trinket readily available, doesn't say it's bugged, and doesn't ban people who use it, you can expect to see it more and more.
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  5. There is a big problem with these trinkets aside from what Treba mentioned. They have been tested by a friend of mine which figured out that it was possible to abuse them.

    Relogin a certain way resets the CDS of the trinkets, and they scale with a stat like stam or something as they are only used when the player is fully buffed.

    Do 1 bg summon pets equip your pvp trinkets then at the end of the bg logout, log back in resummon pets gg.

    Also another mob "Martar the Not So Smart" who has been seen in bgs with over 2.700.000 hp and level 90.
    Funny thing is that in this video you can clearly see that the trinket/mob is level 86 and no where near the amount of hp as the one we see.

    These are not the only mobs summoned by players also.

    Devs please clarify why this issue is ongoing.
    Edited: June 24, 2017

  6. +
    More and more people are abusing.

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