1. June 6, 2017  

    Priest (Discipline & Holy)

    We have been getting a lot of applications these past few days to the point where we're now full on everything except for the above-mentioned class and specs. This means that for the time being we're going to have to reject every application no matter the quality of the player, unfortunately. However, we have a lot of raiding ahead of us and a lot of raiders to put to the test, so keep an eye out throughout the coming weeks to see if any positions open up.

    With that being said: recruitment for all classes except for Priest is currently closed.

  2. We still need an active Holy Priest, if you are interested apply at our website. *Push*

  3. After Kara clear (NB left still though) - we need :

    Enh and Ele Shaman, Holy Priests (x2). Visit guild website to apply

  4. We are still looking for dedicated players of all classes except mages. If you have questions just whisper any of the officers ingame.

  5. When do you guys raid? I can't find it on your website

  6. Why does every good horde guild start raiding so early? impossible for UK players who work to 5 or 6pm...

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