1. June 9, 2017  

    [A] Tailor with rare patterns.

    Hi all, my in-game toon is Timmyturner.
    All prices are competitive with the market. The epic fees include
    Primal Nether.

    NOTE: Fees do not always have to be in gold. If you wish to pay with items that is okay,
    just whisper me in-game and don't send me PM's on the forums.

    Spellstrike Hood 150 gold.
    Spellstrike Pants 150 gold.
    Battlecast Hood 150 gold.

    Unyielding Bracers 30 gold.
    Unyielding Girdle 200 gold.

    Leg Enchants/Bags
    Mystic Spellthread 30 gold.
    Runic Spellthread 100 gold.
    Mycah's Botanical Bag 250 gold. So far i haven't encountered anyone who else has this pattern.

    Ebon Shadowbag - Spellfire Bag - Primal Mooncloth Bag - Bag of Jewels Free.

    Patterns that I want
    Cloak of Eternity
    White Remedy Cape
    Bracers of Havok

    Thx for reading!
    Edited: June 16, 2017

  2. Bump. I gotten hold of the Spellstrike Pants pattern.

    Cloak of the black void?
    Sorry i don't have that pattern.

  3. I lowered the epic craft price which require nether by 50 gold due to competition.

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