1. Account-wide Mounts

    A little while ago, Warmane added Transmogs to the WotLK realms, which I think is a great idea. It is nice feature that doesn't give players a competitive advantage, and it is also a feature that Blizzard has in future expansions.

    I would like to suggest the implementation of a very similar feature - account-wide mounts. Blizzard has this in future expansions and the only thing it affects is your appearance, exactly like xmogs.

    There may be a few exceptions like the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth which actually offer some utility outside of just appearance, so maybe those could be exempt from being account-wide.

    In regards to this being "custom content" - I think for non-combat related features like this, it's important to look at Blizzard's views on it rather than what was available in the particular expansion. Blizzard felt that players should not have to farm the same mounts on every single character - once you obtain it, you have it on all.

    I apologize in advance if this has already been suggested/rejected before - I tried doing a search for "mount" and checked all the threads.

  2. Also. I would like to see Achievements account-wide. Don't ask why, because it is the same reason as mounts. Blizzard did it right but in later expansions.

  3. would love to see this ingame. having 100 mounts on the main and just 4 on alts because its so painfull to farm its just ridiculous.

    on the achievements tho.. this is warmane.. every pug raid asks for achiev.. and we all know doing a raid or arena with 1 class/spec does not mean knowing all your alts on the same way. but hey, im up for that too!

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