1. Looking for someone to play with

    HI there
    I am pretty new to World of warcraft but know the basics, and i am looking for someone to play with.
    playing alone i am just getting really bored adn uninterested and i would love to play with someone!
    the only thing thats importent to me is that he/she will talk English so we could talk (L .

    to contact me you can add me on steam: Prof. Whale
    or you can just join my discord channel at: https://discord.gg/vkSRPB9

    if you join the discord channel just write in the main chat and i will hear you.

    BTW I really dont care about which expantion, open for any server you want.

    hope to see you

    Prof. Whale

  2. Welcome to Warmane!

    I recommend checking out realm recruitment sections, I've seen couple of threads where people are looking for buddies to level with.

    Have fun and enjoy your stay :)

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