1. Best pvp seal?

    Command (look slow), blood (good damage but you do damage yourself) seal of righteousness (low damage but secure) seal of command (best damage but you have just a % to hit, by the way how many is that % ? )
    What do you think?

  2. Seal of Command does not work on a percent chance to proc formula. Instead, it works on a PPM formula. This means with a slower weapon, you will get more reliable procs. Seal of Command was usually the go-to seal due to the burst damage its capable of.

  3. For pvp seal of blood is better. Just get a pocket healer. Alliance has no choice and uses SoC+ seal twist with SoJ.
    SoR is a nono.

  4. Use SoC if you face a team much stronger than you. Sometimes you'll get a full crit wf proc with command crit and you'll win a game you should lose in theory.
    Except from that SoB is better overall.

  5. It depends on the target with seal twisting. SoJ is more beneficial against certain targets (the more evasive classes/specs). SoCrusader is better to burst targets already effected by slows such as crippling/hamstring. Try applying it to a disc priest to watch his damage taken soar, and if he has to stop healing to dispel it from himself, you have already won.

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