1. Can't load character screen on Outland.


    I'm trying to access the server from my work computer for the first time but it just hangs on success and then goes back to the server select after a few moments. The Medivh server loads the character select fine but Outland will not. I have tried deleting WTF and Cache but no luck. Any ideas?

  2. OK I can only assume its because outland is full at 15k and since its launching on a new pc for the first time its bugging out instead of letting me in. I donated so I shouldn't have a q.

  3. Update: I made a new account that wasn't a donor account and it won't even get it in to the q. I'm just stuck on success/logging in to game server. It loads Medivh just fine and I was even able to make a character and play there. For some reason I just can't even get to the Outland character select screen. No one has had this issue before? I took this laptop home last night and was able to log in just fine. I did this because I thought maybe my cache file was messed up and logging in to the server at home would fix it, but it didn't.

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