1. [A] NA <Gamer Dads> Recruiting experienced players

    t4 content on farm, 5/6 ssc 1/4 Eye

    Msg Gso, Howsmydrivin, Ssjgodsebz or Gamerdude in game for any questions or send me an in-game mail.

    raid times are 7pm cst (8pm Est) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    Edited: August 21, 2017

  2. Do you guys have a spot left for a tank? I play a warrior and i do have Amber Bands of the Aggressor unlike Ryzohx

  3. Have a solid core atm, looking for more boys tho, prefer some resto shamans.


    Msg Gso, Fnoobz, Ssjgodsebz, Ssjhatenoobs, or Ryzohx in game for any questions

  4. Mag down, Gruul down

    Recruiting Resto Shamans, Shadow priests, Resto druids but also recruiting good players of whatever class.

  5. Recruiting exceptional players of all classes, raid spots are competitive.

    Hit up Gso, Fnoobz, Ssjgodsebz, Ssjhatenoobs, or Ryzohx in game for any questions

  6. July 1, 2017  
    got a spot for a competitive prot pally ??
    2.6k gs , 13.5k hp no buffed
    very experienced on t5 and t6 content

  7. I know it is rare for guilds to want to take groups of players all together, but figured I'd throw this out there. Have spoken with a couple of your players in game and ran countless dungeons with them as well.

    Have 3, 12 year veterans, looking for a guild to begin progressing on content with, we initially began playing with a group of nearly 10 IRL friends with hopes of doing Kara together, those dreams were shatterred and alas, there is only 3 of us left.

    While we can all play a multitude of classes (and have multiple geared alts) currently our "mains" are: Prot paladin, Fire mage & BM hunter.

    Even if there isn't a guaranteed raid spot available, I think we'd still benefit from being around more like minded players. Plus pugging is hit or miss for us NA players fairly often.

  8. still recruiting experienced players, please shoot us messages or mails in game we don't check this very often

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