1. mediocre warrior LF practise partner (Hpala)

    Hi all,
    Im a veteran WoW player with 5-10k arena games on my back, having reached 2k in 2v2 as holy pala and resto druid, and 2,3k in 3v3 as feral druid.
    Now, i've picked up warrior, and im looking for a practice partner for 2v2. I have vacation from my studies (medicine) for the next two month, and hope to play alot (!) of games during that time.

    I am as tryhard as you can get, but not really that good. Mediocre at max. Thats why im looking for another baddie to work together with, in a safe environment without flaming and all that.

    Here on warmane i have reached 1800 rating as warrior and have trinkets on my two warriors (i didnt have arena points to buy weapons in time #feelsbadman)

    Go ahead and reply here if you wanna try me out!
    Edit: I'm living in Europe (Denmark).

  2. Hey i am new to the server and looking for relaxed people to play 2s and duoque with. Though i started playing wow in wotlk i began pvping only in cata so im not used to the pace and everything. My highest achievement on retail was 2.1k in 3v3 as feral and 2k as war. Over the years i have played on/off and paused for almost all of WoD and Legion. But i have a good understanding of all classes and mostly need to build up muscle memory and awareness again, so rusty.
    Realizing how badly i suck here on Blackrock id like to play with partners who dont rage easily and can reflect their own play too.

    Currently im focusing to learn mm hunter but im open to almost all specs/classes.

    Jeg er fra tyskland men jeg taler ogsa lidt dansk, det er bare langt her

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