1. Old rusty nerd lf practice partners

    Hey i am new to the server and looking for relaxed people to play 2s and duoque with. Though i started playing wow in wotlk i began pvping only in cata so im not used to the pace and everything. My highest achievement on retail was 2.1k in 3v3 as feral and 2k as war. Over the years i have played on/off and paused for almost all of WoD and Legion. But i have a good understanding of all classes and mostly need to build up muscle memory and awareness again, so rusty.
    Realizing how badly i suck here on Blackrock id like to play with partners who dont rage easily and can reflect their own play too.

    Currently im focusing to learn mm hunter (which seems to be a really bad choice for soloqueue) but im open to almost all specs/classes.
    I am from germany btw, online times are varying.

  2. July 2, 2017  
    Hey Junez, i am the guy from the other thread looking for a practise partner. you sound like you have the same goals and mindset as i have.

    I see you want to play hunter, but sadly i dont know a class well that is good with hunter in 2v2. I played priest 5 years ago but that settup is really hard i think. Would you consider playing a holy paladin? i have two pretty geared warriors.

    I might be willing to pick up a healer class myself (for instance, a priest for hunter + priest), but i must warn you that i'd need quite some practise to get back to being decent at that. and my preference still is warrior.
    Even though it is summer, i am working full time on a research project, but i am usually home from around 17-18 CET.

    Looking forward to hear from you!
    Edited: July 2, 2017

  3. July 6, 2017  
    you can hit me up on my skype: "anders.sg." if you want to try some games

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