1. (H )<Finess> Currently Recruiting for upcomming 25 man content

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    (H) <Finess> We are an International guild, currently recruiting more mature, consistent & raid-ready players to enhance our core for 25 man raiding content in SSC, TK & beyond.
    Tier 4 content on farm and we currently have 2x Karazhan groups both with (11/11).
    We are currently progressing through SSC & TK and we still have a couple of raid spots to fill in our core for the remaining classes that we want in our 25 man progression composition.

    UPDATE: Gruuls Lair (2/2) first night - Magtheridon first night (1/1) - TK (3/4) - SSC (4/6)

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    With an very experienced officer-core focusing on min-maxing our raids & our raid composition in order to progress throughout alll TBC-content, all the way from this early stage and towards end-game, we will do our best to ensure a good raiding enviorment for all our members.

    Our officer-core consisting of players all with more then 10+ years WoW-Experience with everything from recent hard-core Vanilla 40-man raiding & hardcore vanilla ranking & wPvP on other private server projects like Nostalrius / Anathema /Elysium / Kronos to former Hardcore Retail-wow Raid Experience in the past.

    Our goal is to re-experience all of TBC-content which has allways been our favorite expansion, as a team we in <Finess> belive we have what it takes to make, Lady Vasjh, Kael'Thas, Illidan & Kil'jaeden bite the dust beneath our feet. However we can't do this alone, WE NEED YOU!

    We allready have alot of 25 man raid-ready members within our core, however we still need a few more classes to make the raiding experience within our raids Amazing for everyone in the guild.

    We offer a good social enviorment with voice-communication on Discord, for our members to do Arenas, Battlegrounds & Heroic Dungeouns, aswell as a very active guild chat, and upcomming forums on our website.

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    FEEL FREE TO VISIST OUR WEBSITE @ http://finess.shivtr.com/

    RAID DAYS & TIMES: We Raid Thursdays & Sundays 7:00 - 11:00pm CET +1

    If all of this sounds good to you & if you wish to be apart of our team you're more then welcome to Apply on our website linked above or to PM Maskin, Maa, Rymdgrisen or Silvertotem in-game, and we would be more then happy to have a serious chat with you & to answer any questions you may have regarding joining our guild.

    Finess we do it best!
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    Edited: October 10, 2017

  2. Maybe you should mention (in the title) if this is a Alliance or Horde and EU or NA guild....

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