1. "Not Enough Reputation"


    I tried doing Heroic Ramparts earlier and I couldn't buy the key because i dont have enough rep.

    I currently have 11,468/12,000 with Honor Hold.

    Any1 facing the same issue?


  2. You need to be revered to buy heroic keys. You're just shy.

  3. If you actually mouse on the key, you'll see that it requires Revered. -_-

    So yeah, you don't have enough rep.

  4. The key requirement went to honored since patch 2.3.0. Links http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Flamew...Key_(Alliance) and http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Flamewrought_Key_(Horde).
    And warmane server version is 2.4.3. So it must be honored.

  5. Warmane's Outland server cannot truly be said to be any one patch. Only the Game Client itself is version 2.4.3. The SERVER has varied content patches.

    Rough, unofficial state of Outland:
    Game Mechanics are 2.4.3 (spells, talents, buffs/debuffs, itemization, mob mechanics, guild controls)
    PVP Content is 2.3.0 (Arena S3, daily BG quests)
    PVE Content is 2.1.0 (Quests, Raids, Vendors)

    The lowering of reputation for Heroic Keys, as mentioned, was a 2.3.0 PVE content update, which the server has not progressed to.

    You could reasonably estimate this to occur with the release of Zul'Aman, which should be a big front-page announcement when it occurs (no one knows when this will be, probably not even warmane staff themselves...I'd hazard a personal guess that it will be released within 2018).

  6. Oh, didn' knew about such details. Thank you for the information!

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