1. <Echelon> PvE/HORDE/EU


    <Echelon> is a freshly created guild on Icecrown (Horde).

    Who are we?
    The creators of Echelon consist of some old friends that used to raid on a 2.4.3 server 6 years ago. We ran a huge guild that was very successful. After all these years, we've decided to get back together and try something new with a change of patch.

    What is the guild all about?
    We've created this guild to progress through the entirety of WotLK's content. This means we aren't here to just do ICC once a week and be inactive. We want to complete a variety of raids to keep it interesting and help those less geared, or perhaps do achievement runs. We're happy to accept people of any gear and any level to help with progressing through this.

    What can we offer?
    Well, we are hoping to be able to offer an upbeat society where the buzz won't die down and a semi-hardcore raid team that doesn't shy on the fun side too. As well as this, we can offer things such as support, guild bank (with repairs), guild website (with progression and eventually DKP), a discord server and plenty of other benefits.

    What are we looking for?
    In a general sense, we are looking for ACTIVE players of any level and gear. If you're interested in raiding with us, we would prefer you to be 16+ and capable of joining English speaking voice comms, as well as being able to raid during EU evenings. We're in need of tanks + healers, however, we are accepting some classes as DPS too.

    As a guild, we hope to be a fun but capable team. We have briefly set raid times which you can check out on the schedule down the left-hand side of our website.

    If you're interested at all, don't hesitate to apply on our website. We are currently accepting people and do not need you to apply just yet.

    Check website and apply online if interested
    Raiding schedule on website, starts as of 2nd August and is temporary
    Discord, Website
    EU based.
    Fun community with active players.

    http://echelonwarmane.shivtr.com/ <- WEBSITE!
    Edited: August 12, 2017

  2. Our rosters are filling quite quickly. :-)

  3. Hi everyone- the guild is turning out to be quite the success already. People wanting to join will be required to apply on our website as we will be accepting only specific classes/roles. (Socials always welcome)

  4. Website updated to include DKP system that I will eventually implement, progression and raid schedule.

    Please check it out!

  5. Just for a laugh- heres a 6 year old video of us raiding on that 2.4.3 server.


  6. Proud to say that people are so far describing the guild as "a nice/kind community to be in", usually with the additional comment of "unlike the rest of warmane" :P :-)

  7. Im a resto shaman. Engineer and Miner. I have tons of items looking to donate them to fellow miners and engineers since i don't use them anymore. Im gearing up at the momment. Jebaits is the name. Hope i could join you

  8. Bump after a long time. Need to get the guild filled up!

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