1. Is worth to play here ?

    Hi all
    Love the EXP x 1
    How is the state this server community?
    How is the state Pvp and Pve?

  2. Would for sure recommend this realm over any other, the people are incredibly nice, funny, and sort of focus more on the social aspect of the game. There are more serious players but overall the server is so helpful and nice, it's truly mind-blowing.

    The only reason Icecrown is more popular is because of the 7x EXP feature, if you want fast leveling and no true work then just go back to retail WoW.

  3. PVP is dead (who says opposite is a pve carebeear or a lier)
    Rest is fine.

  4. PVP is dead (who says opposite is a pve carebeear or a lier)
    Rest is fine.
    Not 100% true. We can have nice battlegrounds when Alterac doesnt pop 3 times in a row with 10 players in it and sometimes we even have multiple arena teams playing at the same time! kek

    Come and see, this realm is the best ever and even with the decreasing pop (which is normal) you will enjoy it more than anything else.

  5. Have in mind that PvE is harder (bosses are boosted), there are no heirlooms and RDF is disabled.

  6. I'd say Lordaeron is a great choice. I'm only 43 so far and I've seen zero quest bugs.

    Anyone complaining about PvP is dumb af (LOTS of world PvP in zones, esp STV). If that doesn't satisfy you, go to the PvP realm, make an instant 80 and get your PvP fix...?

  7. PvP is fine during European hours plenty of bgs and 2v2 going on. Only during Europeans sleeping hours its dead. Overall, this is the best wotlk server I've ever played on

  8. Thank you all for your time and answers.
    Now To decide if Horde or Alliance.

  9. Alliance for PvP (they are way stronger) or Horde for PvE (a bit stronger).

  10. It used to be good. It seems it's relatively "quiet" overall. Nothing really ever happens unless you're in the 1 of 2 guilds that meticulously raid every second of every day. So yeah, in my opinion I wouldn't invest too much time here at the current state.

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