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    Prince Malchezzar phase 2

    How do you do this boss in phase 2? Our warrior tank has buffs/flasks/food/potion and he literally goes from 100% to 0% instantly around 16k hp. Not like under 1.5 second, literally 100 to 0. This has happened on every single attempt. What is the counter for this, roll druid?

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    Keep Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout on boss. Keep Shield Block on cooldown. Rotate trinkets and cooldowns like you do on Patchwerk. Healers should pre-cast heals, even if the tank is on 100%. MDPS should only attack from behind to avoid parry-hasting.

    If your tank is still getting one-shot after all of the above, then that's just bad luck. This week when I was doing NB I got my 2 blocks removed and then got 2 crushing blows in a row for 8.3k. The raid blamed me, of course.

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    I would add that on this boss your tank need to switch to an avoidance gear set (where he maximize parry/dodge). He dies because the get hit by 3 instants melee hit, therefore if you avoid 1 out of the 3 hits he should survive.

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    Just did him tonight as well. Our group one-shotted him, with me tanking. My total table coverage is 64%, 17k HP fully buffed. I pretty much never dropped below 70%.

    Basically, if you get hit by both of his melees and then both of his Thrash hits, you're dead. It's a matter of very bad luck, bad gear and bad avoidance. With this exact same gear and in the same raid lockout I got smacked by Nightbane by 2 crushing blows in a row for 8.3k each. Also, with this gear tonight I got hit 3 times in a row by Gruul for 4k, 7k crushing, then 4k at the start of the fight. We killed Gruul on the next attempt, reaching 12 stacks.

    The main mistake you can do as a warrior while tanking these bosses is to forget about the boss hits, forget about using Shield Block on cooldown and instead focus on threat only. This will lead to crushing blows and you dying. Also, never forget to refresh Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout inbetween Shield Slam, Revenge and Shield Block. These two spells are one of the reasons why warrior tanks are so good - druids only have shout, paladins have neither.
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    just heal through it

    < -- has gotten through prince in 1 pull with no complications at all with a druid several weeks in a row

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    About the "Parry haste" situation, Prince cannot parry attacks on this server, unless it has been fixed in the last week he doesn't parry any attacks at all, so obviously he cannot gain parry haste, whether this is a bug or not I don't know as It's never something I've looked into.

    As for getting one-shot, I've tanked it some weeks where I barely take any damage and other times where he has oneshot me with 17k + health. He's capable of hitting 4x within 1 second and 3 of those can happen essentially at the same instant (within 0.1-0.2s), if you get unlucky with avoidance you can easily die even as an overgeared tank, it just becomes increasingly unlikely with gear.
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    I'll just keep updating till this thread is closed, I guess.

    Killed him again this Thursday. I didn't even drop below 70% and I had rage issues. It was so kek to see all 4 of his hits go Miss, Dodge, Dodge, Parry.

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    Avoidance gear and rotate defensives. When you get him down to 50% (Or when you reach 5 Sunder stacks) start rotating defensives. Trinkets(If you've got good ones, Like Moroes) -> Last Stand -> Shield wall. He should be into Phase 3 by the time you run out.

    He has already been nerfed considerably - when I first killed him he was hitting me for 6k a swing during Phase 2. Now its down to 4k per swing.

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    Been doing it just fine on pally tank, never dropping below 75%. I'm full uncrushable tho so big hits like that don't happen anymore. Bear tank seems to get smashed on this fight tho thanks to crushing blows

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