1. Help! One-Button Win Macro (Ret PVE DPS WOTLK)

    Hi guys,

    I was hoping someone could help me identify this OP one-button DPS macro used in this ICC 10 Man LK Heroic kill video.


    I was thinking it would be something like this:

    #showtooltip Crusader Strike
    /castsequence reset=0 0,0,0,Judgment
    /castsequence reset=0 0,0,Crusader Strike
    /castsequence reset=0 0,Exorcism
    /castsequence reset=0 Hammer of Wrath

    Am I close?

    Would obviously have to put in divine storm and consecration.


  2. As far as I can tell, his macro does not account for his swing timer. This means that he still prioratises judgement over DS when his swing timer is below/at 1.5 seconds. This will end up as a dps loss sooner or later (not a big one, but a loss anyway). I'd suggest following a priority over doing this (if anyone even has an idea how2).

  3. It's an insanely complicated macro I believe. I wouldn't even know where to start. Am hoping someone here may know...


  4. Man, don't macro it and dumb down your gameplay. Use a priority instead. It's better and more fun at the same time.

  5. Still would like to know what he's doing. I'm intrigued.

  6. It's probably a script instead of macro... I don't know of a macro which catches DS reset... at least I don't know about a macro like this.

  7. From what I can gather from googling a bit, I think what he's using is some combination of /Castsequence and /Castrandom. The /Castrandom command will choose a spell if available and if not available, next keypress will try the next spell.

    So a macro with "/Castrandom Divine Storm, Crusader Strike" will cast Divine Storm if available. But as many has pointed out already, you can see why you'd lose DPS this way since if they're both off cooldown it's just RNG what it'll choose to do.

    I suppose if you could press the key extremly fast (like say use some sort of key-pressing bot) you could just do /castrandom and fill in every spell you have since it'll randomize on every keypress. Doesn't it look like the guy has some fast fingers?
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  8. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/MACRO_castrandom
    "Since 3.2, /castrandom selects one spell from the list on first use and tries to cast it until it is successfully cast. It cannot be used anymore to create "use first ready spell" macros."

    Its not possible to make macros with a ability priority. Only a castsequence which follows a fixed order.

  9. Icons are flashing like crazy indicating it isn't an in-game macro, he's using something like autohotkey and sending keypresses in a specific order.

  10. Use 4 button and u can spam it.
    Art of War and Divine Storm can not predict and it will screwup any rotation:
    1: for Exorcism
    2: /castsequence Crusade STrike. Judgement, Crusade STrike (check spell name, not sure I wrote right)
    Jud and CT have fixed CD, 2 Cru > 1 Jud so you can castsequence them to 1 button.
    3: Divine Storm.
    4: the execution hammer (forgotten name =.=, 6s cd one.)

  11. Anyone managed to get such working macro ? :)

  12. If you're that bored of playing the game that you need a 1 button macro for a complete rotation of all your spells, which is guaranteed to hurt your dps in comparison to using your spells by yourself depending on procs and so on, why even play the game?

  13. Holy mother of necromancy...
    Guys, please make another thread if you wish to have this discussion instead of reviving long-dead threads.

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