1. Server network issues?

    Does the server have any network issues in last two days?
    My spells keep getting lag spikes and delays.
    I have 47ms but looks like I have 400ms.

    Today I contacted my ISP, they contacted their main ISP and they ensure me it's on warmane end.
    I asked some guildies and some have same problem, some do not.
    So maybe there is really something wrong with the connection to some countries?

  2. I'm still having this issue as well. I was getting about 50 ms but now the game is almost unplayable with >500 ms. I seriously hope they're looking into this or at least could address the issue. A lot of players seem to have no issues so I'm not sure if this is a regional problem. With that said, I hope we are not ignored, as this lag has been present for about 8 hours and ongoing, and the game is nearly unplayable with big delays.

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