1. <A> Shinasu is recruiting!

    European guild focused on t5 progression is looking for exceptional applicants. Saturday and Sunday attendance is a must.
    Raid times are :

    Wednesday - 5PM Server time
    Saturday - 5:30PM Server time
    Sunday - 5:30PM Server time -

    Current progress is
    TK: 3/4
    SSC: 6/6

    Pm me in game for questions : Burnin, Dragonfang, Invi or any of our officers : Zaibatzu, Fibs
    Edited: October 5, 2017

  2. Looking for 1,2 Elemental Shamans, 1 holy 1 shadow priest, 1,2 BM hunters, 1 Retri Paladin, 1 Boomkin, 1 Mage, 1 Arms Warrior.

  3. Looking for Resto + Elemental Shamans 4/6 SSC 3/4 TK

  4. Looking for Resto druid aswell.

  5. Hi, i am a rogue that likes to join your raiding guild.
    I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild and i think i fit in your team!

    So far im leveling my character since ive just started on this server, its on level 22 and going up.

  6. At the moment we do not have spots for rogues in the raid team, however we do accept socials and If you are interested you can start from there, never know what future brings.
    You can /pm me in game for an invite anytime tomorrow, my characters name is Burnin.

  7. u can add Burnin and Dragonfang, or speak with any other officer Fibs, Wbmiki, Zaibatzu. Whoever is online.

  8. Looking for 1 Resto druid to fill in the core. Must be able to attend all 3 days.

  9. Looking for: 1 Warlock 1 Mage , preferably with crafted gear, ofc t5 attuned for core raid spot.

  10. Looking for 1-2 Shadowpriests for core raiding spots.

  11. If u guys need restor shaman i left application on your site.

  12. Looking for 1 Shadowlock ( with crafted gear ), and 1 resto shaman for core raid spots for pushing Kael'Thas , goin ballz deep so we can finally enjoy Mount Hyjal.

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