1. 1 Week Ago  

    New from Australia!


    New to private servers, just wanted to say g'day!

    Any fellow Aussies around? Any tips or pointers to get started?

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    If your into TBC content check out <Dropbears> Oceanic horde guild on Medivh realm! Pst anyone from the guild for a invite.

  3. 1 Week Ago  
    Sup Imosh93, fellow Aussie from the east coast here. Goodluck finding Aussie players there isnt that many! I play on icecrown atm i raid with an American guild who runs ICC in my afternoon but it took forever to find a decent guild

  4. 5 Days Ago  
    If ya don't wanna play horde, there is also East Coast Alliance TBC guild <NBN Co>, horde have enough aussies on Medivh! ;)

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