1. MMO mouse

    I am looking for Suggestions and recommendations for an MMO Mouse for wow.
    Price below 100$ / .
    I would Like to hear which mouses You Guys use and Love :)

  2. Possibly many people would argue with this, but I would not suggest getting mouse with lots of additional buttons. In my opinion its not the right hand should be responsible for lots of keybinds. Althou I have tryed some Razor mouses, MX518 is my favorite one since 2005. Its a mouse for shooters in the first place, but as I said before, its not really good to have so much keybinds on right hand. Simple, accurate, comfortable, gets job done.

  3. I've used a Razer Naga since the end of 2009 when it launched, around the time when ICC was released. I can't play without it, though I use a 2014 edition now as my original went faulty. I have my keybinds spread across both right and left hand, works perfectly.

  4. After hesitating for a long time I picked up a naga a few years ago never looked back. Once you get used to it its hard to play any mmo without it and it should be within your budget.
    @Kainilnd I am interested in you opinion as to why its not good to have many key binds on right hand? maybe you are left handed? If so there is a left handed naga. I can also see mmo mouses not being for everyone.

  5. Im actually right handed, but to explain this I need to go into depth of how I play. By the way this is not dedicated to MMO in general but to WoW specifically. First things I do when start playing WoW is 1) bind A and D to strafe instead of rotate 2) bind 1 2 3 4 5 q e r t f g z x c v caps ~ and scroll up and down to spell slots and same buttons but with different modifiers like alt, shift, ctrl, plus combinations of those modifiers. You have to understand that some modifiers are comfortable with some specific buttons and some are not. Its like playing most comfortable chords for you on guitar or piano if you wish. Also, i skipped one button on intention, its "S" button. Its one of the most comfortable keybinds out there. Usually people making this keybind as /stopcasting macro or cast throw if u are melee class. 3) enable cast bars, right? 4) forbid camera to go back on position when moving. That last point brings to mouse issue, we all use mouse to give us a proper view of whats going on around us. As you know u have to hold left mouse button in order to rotate camera. Reducing amount of keybinds on right hand automatically provides less tunnel visioning. I do understand that some people able to read, speak and write in same time but as casual person each of my hands can concentrate on just one thing. I mean we got movement and positioning on both hands, right? Left hand is also spells to cast and right hand is also view. I found my self less tunneling on arenas for example when my right hand is just concentrated on giving my self a view on whats going on around. This might be something to do with how hemispheres work, but I am not expert in neurophysiology, its just based on my experience. I found out that this is the way to give out best prefermance. It can be individually just for me, it can be not. Just wanted to share how things look from my point of view and how I found this game easier to play. Cheers.
    About the caps lock keybind- there is a program that switches it off automatically so it would not look as you shout all the time ;)

  6. get 1 from republic of gamers, Asus GX1000 Eagle Eye, very good mouse cool to look at iit, and durable as fck

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