1. More Transmog items.

    Hello all. I searched legion armors and weapons visiual on wowhead.

    In wotlk there isnt many item for transmog. we have only 6-10 diffrent variation on every item slot. (t1-t8) In mop and Wod, there is a challange items without stats. I request import items from cata-----legion (Yes custom data folder) item appereance and make cosmetic items without stats for transmog.

    So many ppl likes legion armor sets. They are very unique and I want to see those sets on my wotlk char. It will be fantastic if warmane do that

    Option to claim new armors:
    - Donaete
    - Bonus loot on raids (Think about, when you kill Lk http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screen...mal/648146.jpg and it drops
    - Random drop
    - Custom Quests

  2. This would require an edit to the client. Not going to happen.

  3. probably easier to allow ppl to transmog everything at like, 100C a pop similar to the legendary scrolls

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