1. Warmane PvE Speed-Run Tournament: Series II

    Greetings Warmane community

    We’re exhilarated to announce that we will be hosting a PvE speed-run tournament showcasing the finest guilds from our Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade realms. In order to have a fair representation across the realms, we have decided that the higher populated realms will have two finest guilds participate and on the less populated realms, one exquisite guild to defend the reputation of their home realm.

    The PvE season ends on August 29, 2017 at 00:00 server time and the tournament will be held on September 09, 2017 - September 10, 2017 at 17:00 server time

    You can find the current standing of guilds on your respective realm here. The tournament will be streamed on our official YouTube channel which can be found here.

    The invites for the guilds will go out on August 30, 2017 via e-mail to guild masters of top guilds on the ladder at the time of the invite. The guild masters will then have exactly 24 hours to provide a response with names of 30 characters that will be granted access to the tournament and subsequently contact details.

    WoTLK: Rank 1 + 2 from Icecrown and rank 1 from Lordaeron.
    TBC: Rank 1 + 2 from Outland and rank 1 from Medivh.

    • WoTLK: ICC HC 0% buff with ICC heroic gear - September 09, 2017
    • TBC: SSC with T4 gear (Kara, Gruul & Magtheridon gear) - September 10, 2017

    • Three guilds speed running the raid content at the same time.
    • All three guilds will proceed to do bosses in the same manner.
    • Guild members will be able to create unique characters on the tournament realm within the limitations of the tier content that they will be facing, with professions and all gear that might be necessary.
    • The players will have suitable time to prepare their interface and characters prior to the tournament.
    • 25 players will participate in the tournament, 5 players can remain as an additional reserve. Players can switch spots with the reserve players whenever.
    • Any unreasonable delay of the tournament will result in immediate disqualification of the guild.
    • As per our realm conduct, any use of third-party software, hacking, exploiting and generally breaking Warmane's terms of service will result in immediate disqualification of the guild and possible additional account measures.

    Please do note that rules and the contents of this thread can be changed at any time without notice, so keep an eye on it. We hope you enjoy the forthcoming battle for the prestige of being the very best guild on Warmane.

    Kind regards
    Edited: August 31, 2017

  2. Awesome idea! Will this be livestreamed?

  3. 1 spot for lordareon, what a jk DDDDD

  4. What about frostwolf relem ? nothing for us ?

  5. Will there be class restrictions? Will be pretty dumb to watch all 3 TBC guilds bring 15+ warlocks. Because that's what most likely will happen if no rules are addressed towards this.

    On topic: Great idea, looking forward to this event!

  6. Can u check some timers and change them? 53sec marrowgar 25hc is not legit.

  7. Ppl exploiting Stormchops on warriors, gms sitting by idle. You either reset the Ladder or fix the un-legit stuff.

  8. The timers on icecrown will be reviewed and cleaned up

  9. Is shadowmourne included in the gear necessary for icecrown?

  10. Is shadowmourne included in the gear necessary for icecrown?
    I think this may need discussing. It is not a weapon that should be provided baseline to all applicable classes.

  11. So is hydross going to be fixed before this? We can't even get a reply in his bugtracker about guilds killing him without him using a single auto attack and you are holding a speed clear tournament of this broken content.

  12. how can it be a tournament if u only have a few competitors its more like semi finals than

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