1. Pseudonym - A North American Horde raiding guild is looking for new members

    Realm: ICECROWN

    <Pseudonym>, a North American HORDE Raiding Guild is currently searching for new members for its icc25hc and Rs25hc progression. We are looking for players with geared characters and alts and/or with in depth raiding and class knowledge. Progression: ICC10 -12/12, ICC 25 -12/12, RS 10 - 4/4 Raid time is 12:30 AM Server Time. Daily raids, friendly officers, uplifting community, help. Using DKP Loot and discord for communication. If interested, please reply to this thread, send a private message, or whisper Loyd, Santia, Midrac or Warcller in game. Serious inquiries only.


    Current Guild needs by class:


    Paladin: High Demand
    Death Knight: Low Demand
    Feral Druid: High Demand
    Protection Warrior: Low Demand


    Restoration Shaman:Medium Demand
    Holy Paladin: High Demand
    Discipline Priest: High Demand
    Restoration Druid: Medium Demand


    Assassination Rogue: Low Demand
    Combat Rogue: Low Demand
    MM Hunter: Medium Demand
    Arcane Mage: Low Demand
    Fire Mage: Low Demand
    Frost DK: Low Demand
    Unholy DK: High Demand
    Feral Druid: High Demand
    Balance Druid: Extreme Demand
    Retribution Paladin: Low Demand
    Shadow Priest: Medium Demand
    Fury Warrior: Low Demand
    Demonology Warlock: Extreme Demand
    Affliction Warlock: High Demand

    Raid Schedule:

    Monday: RS 25
    Tuesday: ICC 25
    Wednesday: RS 10
    Thursday: ICC 25
    Friday: ICC 10HC
    Saturday: ICC 10NM
    Sunday: ICC 10NM

    Our Staff:

    Guild Masters: Santia, Loyd, Tamoa

    Officers: Midrac, Warcaller

    Lieutenants: Araku, Ayeashi, Anaujrame, Zazix
    Edited: August 20, 2017

  2. Hello!
    I'm currently alliance but have almost always been Horde, so I'm looking to transfer. I mainly went after Arms PvP until now, but am looking to create new alts to run old classes and learn new ones. I've been on Warmane back when it was still called Molten!
    The Wreck

  3. Hello,
    Been Looking for a NA guild to raid with since getting back, I have a new unholy Haph DK with SM and a 6.5k ret Leghorn willing to join on both of them. I'd really love to join that raid time works perfectly for me.

  4. Hi,
    Is this guild still active? I found nobody online. If yes, please add me in.

    Thank you.
    Game ID: Botox

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