1. [A] <Chaos Inquisition> EU looking for more people!

    Hey! I will just keep this short and concise.

    We're looking for a few more people to fill our roster. We mainly need ranged dps and healers, but all classes will be considered.
    - Boomkin (Highly wanted)
    - Mage
    - Warlock
    - Shadowpriest
    - Shaman(Ele+resto)

    Our raiding times are wednesday, sunday and monday 17-21 server time. We clear Karazhan with 2-3 groups every week and have been farming Gruul+Maggy for weeks now. We're starting to move into SSC/TK now. Had our first trash run this week and will continue to work our way through T5 content.

    But in order to do that we need a few more dedicated and active players, we need people that show up for raids. We're in the early stages of progression through T5 so expect a lot of progress raids, wipes and long nights.

    We run loot council which is based on your attendance, performance, item upgrade and dedication.

    We are a serious raiding guild, but at the same time you can expect a lot of fun and laughter both during raids and outside of raids. We do PVP and dungeons together. We do considered ourself pretty relaxed and laidback guild.

    Discord and understanding of the english language required.

    If any of this sounds interesting or you have any questions feel free to contact Mandragora, Pretender or Seiku/Zeclipse/Zaspect in-game.
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  2. 1/6 in SSC. Still looking for more people!

  3. Voidreaver down as well. Contact any of us in-game if interested.

  4. Hey guys!

    With succesful progress in T5 including two kills in two days, we're looking for the last core components for our raid team. Since we're a guild that strives to have the best possible players in our roster, we're open for recruitment of any class, as long as they are outstanding at what they do.

    We've recently had great results picking up players that shows a lot of promise without gear, attunements etc, playing the class/spec combinations we have a high demand on, which means we wouldn't mind trying it again. The classes we currently have in high demand is still 1-2 mages, 1 boomkin and a resto druid. We will however find space for any excellent player regardless of class, as mentioned above.

    If you don't feel like you want to commit to the raid team, but you still want to be a part of our system, we're looking for a few socials, that could help fill out the gaps in the Karazhan groups etc. If you feel like this sounds like something for you, try hitting me up ingame, and let's work something out.

    Hope to hear from you guys!


  5. Still looking for active and dedicated raiders. We're 3/6 SSC and 1/4 TK now.

  6. 4/6 SSC and 3/4 TK! Looking for some exceptional players to help us progress more.

  7. Hi there boys'n'gals.

    We're still looking for a few exceptional people to fill the voids in the current raidcore. We're looking for 1-2 restoshamans/restodruids and a warlock. Your gear is not an issue, and we will put in a lot of effort to help you through the process of gearing and attuning, if you show you're worth putting effort into. If you feel up to the task of raiding T5, and start T6 whenever it comes out - don't hesitate one minute to contact either Mandragora, Seikugodx or I (Pretender) ingame - and we will work something out.

    So untill then; have a good one!

  8. Hello.. Combat rogue here. Because of my work i would not be able to show up same day's every week.. But when i accept raid, know that i will be at that time and date sharp. Shadowway n elf rogue, if you are interested , throw invite, tnx!

  9. We're recruiting dedicated and active raiders for further progress in T5 content. We're currently 8/10 and need skilled players to finalize our roster.
    We're mainly in the need shamans(ele+resto), druid(resto+boomkin), spriest, lock and hunter, but all classes will be considered.

  10. 10/10!
    Shadowpriest and retri paladin wanted. If you are active, dedicated and want to raid top-tier, contact us ingame.

  11. In the span of roughly a month and a half we managed to clear all of T5 and T6 and we're looking for some more people to fill our roster for Black Temple.

    We are a guild based on progression. We have an emphasis on raiding in a professional environment, so we have high expectations for our recruits, and our current players. We want to embrace a mindset where being the best you can be isn't optional, but rather mandatory.

    Since we are soon to be on a farming-plateau for raiding, we are also welcoming of rerollers who could potentially pick up arms and raid longside our current players for the future. We would obviously assist you in the best way possible, as long as you show the promise we demand.

    We raid 3 days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, 17-21 servertime. If you want any further practical information, or any information in general - feel free to PM Pretender, Mandragora or Seikugodx/Zeclipse/Zaspect ingame!

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