1. Rare gems for JWC, is mining bugged?

    Hi guys,
    wanted to ask if dropps of rare gemms are bugged or not.
    There is rly huge chance to drop rare gem from mining in compare with prospecting.
    For example today I mined 88adamantite, obrained 10 rare gems from mining and from prospecting 85 I got 2.
    Getting 10gems from 4stacks of adamantite from mining doesnt sound blizzlike. There should be really low chance of getting one from mining.

    I have a feeling that blizz-like servers has 3% on each color so 3x6 = 18% chance for dropping rare gem from prospecting.

    Adding image of 1x mining normal (NOT rich) adamantite vein:

    Found same issue with JWC recipes, in these days over 90% recipes are sold for price of 1-2gems. Prices starts on 20g with median around 30g when we do not compare 1-2 most expensive recepts that costs 100-150g what should be price/start price of JWC recipes.
    I have an exampe here as well. When I was in nether farming Jailors 4 keys I dripped 3x +18healing red recipe in 2hours. I have a feeling that blizzlike dropps should be <0,01% worldwide dropp in Outland.

    Mine summary is that these super high dropps are destroying whole server economy and the last example is Talasite (green rare gem) is sold to merchant for 3g and prices of cutted gem on AH starts on 5g, when we add 0,9g 24h deposit / 1,8g 48h deposit so we see that its better to ive them to vendor already.

    I hope I will get answer from some GM.

    Thanks for explanation of these questions, if I made any mistakes I would be gratefull for correcting them.
    Have a nice day

  2. JC here with no mining, i can prospect 6 stacks of fel iron and not get a single rare gem, i get about one rare gem every 25 adamantite ..

  3. dont understand why you write this here, I already did above...

  4. I just recently dinged 375 mining and 365 JC and i feel a little bit dissapointed when i saw the prices, BUT I want to talk about something else here - stop complaining about the DROP RATE, because the server economy is already f*cked up and when hardcore "blizz" guys come here and start talking about "o no this drops too often" do u know what happens? Well I will tell u what happens - 1 week later IT DOESN"T DROP AT ALL. It all started with the mining nodes which from the start were "TOO MANY" and ppl started complaining and now u fly for about an hour in Nagrand and u get 10 ores at best, because they "FIXED IT TO BE BLIZZLIKE". Then a guy started complaining that green drops were too many in Hellfire and do u know what happened?? Let me tell u again - from 60 to 70 lv while i was leveling in outland i got only 2 GREEN ITEMS - WELL THAT WAS VERY BLIZZLIKE.... And while all the no lifers who could ding 70 in a week after the start got their mining skill and ores and greens and gold as high as f*ck I GOT NOTHING NOW, because I go to work and can't play 24/7 and it took me a month and a half to ding 70 and I missed all the ores, all the green items from mobs and all the f*cking gold I could make, while others bought an epic flying mount as soon as they dinged 70 lv if they dinged it for around ~ 1 month from the start of the server. BUT BECAUSE GUYS LIKE U STARTED COMPLAINING about how not blizzlike this is and that was, now everything is screwed up and I'm afraid that when someone again open his mouth about "THIS DROPS TOO OFTEN" it may not drop AT ALL after the staff read the topic. So stop complaining and just play the game - yes u may point out a few bugs, but don't expect that this will be true blizzlike experience - it will never be... Or maybe u want only 1-2 JC recipes in the ah starting from 2k gold bid that noone can afford? Everything else I will except to complain about, but a sh*t like "THIS DROPS TOO OFTEN MAKE IT 0.000001%" gets me pissed off, because either that could be fixed before the launch of the server or it must stay as it was from the begining. Imagine the casual new guy who joins and realize that if he joined 1 month earlier he could be rich, but since someone like u complained about it, now he is screwed up and will not even consider playing on Medivh... There are bigger "problems" to fix like the PvP scene here, because it is only happening in the late hours EU time - I even made a topic about it, but I got no response from the staff and while this problem already is making people leave teh server, u come here and start talking about the DROP RATE BEING TOO HIGH, well let it be too high, since there are too many things that are screwed up, so let us have something to make us happy... Today I mined for hours in Nagrand and at the end when I saw the gold that I'v made I consider that I could make 3 times more from farming MOBS for greens... But yea, let just make the drop rate 0.01% on everything and let the early players fly with their epic fly mounts and leave them with all their recipes and stashes of gold, which they obtain the easy way and screw the new commers who are stil leveling and make them leave as soon as possible after they realize they missed the train eh? Do u know what will happen then?? MONOPOLY on those who got their recipes earlier, while the new commer must farm the **** out of outland 24/7 hoping to get some stupid rare recipe... seriously just don't.... don't screw things more.....
    Edited: September 19, 2017

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