1. [H] <Revelation> recruiting members to fill a late-night KZ group on the weekend

    <Revelation> is recruiting members to fill a late-night KZ group on the weekends. We are targeting to raid on Friday and Saturdays from 8pm - 11pm PST (Saturday and Sundays from 3am - 6am server time).

    Some details:

    - Loot will be dished out on a need-before-greed rolling system. Epic and Rare BOEs (that aren't needed and immediately equipped) will be randomed to everyone in the raid group. For patterns and recipes, raiders with the skill to immediately learn the recipe will have priority over raiders who do not have the skill.

    - We will utilize discord at first - If things go smooth and get easy, this may no longer be required. Having a microphone is optional, I mostly care about you being able to listen to commands.

    - I will not put up with toxic bull****.

    If you are interested in a spot or have questions, please message Delita / Agries or visit http://revelation.wowhordes.com/forum_threads/2729436 for more information.

  2. Hey AgriasOaks, I would highly suggest to use the following loot system for gear:
    Priority 1: Tank and Off Tank
    Priority 2: DPS
    Priority 3: Healers.

    You will gear your guild more efficiently this way and be able to clear content easier. It will also cause less headaches because everyone in the guild will first hand see how effective the method works.

    Remember, the tanks have to be geared first because they have to take a beating. The more gear they get quicker, the more damage mitigation they have, thus less healing needed. Meaning the healer doesn't need the gear first.

    Second priority is DPS, the more dps, the faster things die, the less time in combat, less healing needed.

    Then when you finally gear healers, you'll be running thru KZ in 3-4 hours full clear.

    Also, I'm interested in joining, but I'm still leveling, shall I apply now or once I reach 70 and get some gear and attunements?

    What classes you need? I'll level anything.

    Thanks for your time.

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