1. Hi I'm Kyn. (Lordaeron)

    I've never made an introductory post, and I've certainly never really visited a forum before... but I think today I'm going to try it out.
    Hey! I'm Kyn. I know my name sounds incredibly effeminate but I am a male. Y'know, like the kind that's not a girl.
    I'm an insane wow nerd if you can believe it and although I do have a life, I usually put the game before my life a lot (Aka I'm not a fat basement dwelling neckbeard who has no friends, I go out). Back in High School, I put it before EVERYTHING, and that kinda crippled me now trying to go into university, but... that's for a different time.

    Back when World of Warcraft released in 2004, I was little, but my Dad was one of the best, and I played with him a lot because World of Warcraft and the Warcraft title were huge around my house. Not to just talk about my Dad, but, he got the 8th heroic Lich King kill, during wotlk right before he quit, and watching him be awesome through all of the expacs really pushed me to be good, and I also have him to teach me aswell. So even as a kid I would push really high ratings and ran with top raiding guilds, but, I played on an RP server so our top wasn't very top. (Not a roleplayer, I just like the atmosphere it's friendlier.)

    Anyways I heard about this server being non p2w, good population and wotlk so here I am reliving the good old days! R.I.P 2010

    But anyways, thanks for reading about me. I'm not a very interesting topic as you can see 99% of my life can be summed up with "WoW".

  2. Welcome to Warmane!

    It's pretty cool story actually, learning to play wow from you father. Maybe you can get him back in the action as well, hehe.

    Anyway, we hope you will enjoy your stay here with us.

  3. Hello and Welcome! What is your ingame name?

  4. Hey thanks for the welcomes, I did try to get my dad back into it a while back too, but I think hes moved on to different games.
    Ign is Kyndarel blood elf priest on hordeside

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