1. [H][STRUGGLE SNUGGLE][NA] Chill Guild LF 2 Heals, 1 DPS for Progressive Raiding

    <STRUGGLE SNUGGLE> is an established NA guild of chill, fun people looking to enjoy progressing through Wrath raid content, starting at Naxx. Our goal is to go into these raids with level appropriate gear for the content and enjoy downing bosses in an authentic, nostalgic way (IE: using skill, not ilvl ;)). We're a very relaxed group of folks in our mid 20's - to mid 30's who enjoy playing together in and outside of raid, and chatting on discord. It's a plus if you have a fowl sense of humor - or at least can tolerate it in others. ;)

    We're looking to fill three spots on our 10m raid team:

    1 - Resto Druid
    1 - Holy Pally
    1 - Hunter (or Fury Warrior)

    Raids have traditionally been Saturday evenings @ 7pm PST and usually run 3-4 hours, depending on how folks are feeling.

    Our loot distribution is simple. Main spec rolls > off spec rolls > DE. That's that. Mats are collected to be used for raid enchants. We're a casual, friendly group of folks so we don't see a need for anything more complicated. No loot whores here.

    If you're interested in joining, look me up in-game: Leilee (horde)...if I don't appear on, try - Lalythia (alliance), or hit me up on Discord: Laly#5513.

    Edited: September 13, 2017

  2. Bump! Still time to join us for our Saturday raid this week!

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