1. Where to put my remaining two talent points

    Am a prot pally with 2 points left. Was thinking if its better to put it on in pursuit of justice or vindication.

    Btw, do we really need that 5 points of conviction as a prot? TIA.

  2. More aggro (main tank spec):

    Aura Mastery (offtank spec):

    U can skip SoC but i like it for trash tanking with a slower (2.6sec speed) wep.

    Dont use LoH on urself. U wont be able to use Dprot for 2min...

  3. So you dont need 5/5 conviction from ret spec? Seeing lots of tanks getting it maxed tho.

    On icc, i am assigned mt or ot depending on the fight so cant have a spec mainly for mt or ot

  4. Crit is basicly RNG dependant. Wont help u much...
    The only reason u go for it is cos vindication uptime is crap, otherwise u wouldve speced into vindication.

    If u are in a guild, match their demand and spec like that.
    If u are pugging, doin RDF, questing, so on... spec into "aggro" one. It will provide more DMG and the "offtank" spec is mainly needed on LK 25m hc (altho u can do even that boss without Aura Mastery and Imp. LoH in off tanks spec).

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