1. log on problem

    I can not log on to outland server,
    I can only log on medivh

  2. still stuck in the login screen if anyone knows how to solve this problem please help !

  3. Yeah, same problem. Sometimes stuck on "retrieving character list", sometimes stuck on loading screen.

  4. Same here...but i mainly play on icecrown, however when i tried outland I get the same problem. When I tried logging into my account yesterday at 19:40 I managed to log in - get character list - select character - but then got stuck in loading screen. I've tried installing windows updaters win7, GPU updates Nvidia GeForce, Start the game without addons, Logging into my account from a brand new klient, Fresh from the website - all defaults I've logged into my other account - this is also stuck on loading screen - logged into ouland server with same account this got stuck in loading screen too. Thing is - my guildies can whisper me , and they see me online in guild list and whisper me. The characters I've tryed logging into is stationed in dalaran and orgrimmar, I've even tryed making new characters but they get stuck in loading screen as well. I spoke to a guildie (on discord) he had the "retrieving character list" problem.. and this morning i ended up with the same problem. Any advice of further troubleshooting?

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