1. [A] <Akatsuki> - About the journey, not the destination (Leveling)

    Brief Personal Introduction:
    I'm Axehandler, Guildmaster of Akatsuki. Akatsuki is a guild in the process of hitting max level currently, and plans to do endgame content once enough players reach max level. Heroics, potentially raids once we gear up, etc. We are centered around being a friendly environment where players can meet others to do anything with; quests, pvp, dungeons, shoot the sh!t, etc.

    Brief Introduction to the Guild:
    While we do seek to provide a friendly environment, horsing around is definitely not off the table. We all like to pal around here. The main goal of this guild is to have as good of a time as we can with eachother. WoW is very much about community and by providing a space where players can meet and greet, and band together to do quests and whatnot, we hope to foster a community of people who may at one future point call eachother friends. As such, we are dedicated to helping any leveling players with quests, questions, dungeons, materials, and anything else we can do to make our experiences benefit. We currently have a single guild tab where materials are stockpiled, and roughly 200 total member with about 15-30 people active during peak times. Our members are mostly leveling, but we have acouple of level 70's in guild.

    What's the plan?
    As discussed briefly, we are leveling right now. once at max, we want to group and do heroics and grab some gear to raid kara, and then progress.

    Are you guys hardcore?
    Really we aren't, i won't advertise as such. We do have a collection of varied players (by location) and a varied skill level of players, but we intend to push BC to its end and try to accomplish as much content as possible. The journey of gathering people, getting in raid and knocking down a boss is what we are most interested in. Gear is of course nice, but the gear comes before the experience that we can all have together.

    There is currently no solid structure in the guild for rankings. Most members have the ability to invite and access the guild bank. I do have plans on forming a structue once we all hit 70, so that those seeking heroic dungeons and those scheduled to raid are not all one in the same.

    How do i join?
    Like i said, most people have the power to invite. If you see one of us, ask! or, if you want to talk to me, Whisper Axehandler. Idezo is also capable of helping you get in guild.

    Do's & Don'ts:
    All i really ask is that no one be a dick for no reason. Please be capable of controlling your emotions; if you are angered by someone in the guild's actions, speak to them about it, and if you can't remedy the situation please contact an officer or myself. To add to that, this is strictly a NO DRAMA GUILD. If you choose to continue perpetuating dramatic incidents between guild mates or yourself after being warned, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GUILD. We prefer that you be at least 18 to join our guild for sake of vetting sh!tposting children who spam Gchat. There is no level requirement, as we are leveling.

    In short, we are a friendly and helpful guild that is about the experience. WoW is a social and community based game, and the best way for everyone to have the best experience is to have a community to play with and help eachother, and that's really what we are aiming for here. We are not hardcore, but we do intend to delve into endgame content, PvP or PvE. We are also willing and able to help those lower level than ourselves for the sake of bettering everyone's experience. If that all sounds good to you, give one of us a hollar. The majority of our player base currently seems to be most NA, but we have people from all over the world in the guild.

  2. Welcome to Medivh and good luck with your guild!


  3. Welcome to Medivh and good luck with your guild!

    Thanks alot, i think we will enjoy our time here.

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