1. [Cata] 4.3.4 for Mac (no installation required)

    I heard that many Mac users are still having issues running Cataclysm 4.3.4 so I decided to run some tests, and I’m exited to bring you this version for Mac!


    1. Click on this DOWNLOAD link
    2. Unzip the file
    3. Open the “Hizzy Warmane 4.3.4” folder
    4. DO NOT click on the launcher. Instead, right click the World of Warcraft icon
    5. Select "Show Package Contents"
    6. Navigate into Contents/MacOS
    7. Open terminal (just type “terminal” on the Launch Pad)
    8. Drag the World of Warcraft file inside that folder to Terminal, and wait for the game to launch


    If you’re running the latest Mac OS version, the game is still working but you might have to repeat step 8 every time you want to run the game (I’ll work around that).

    I hope this helps and let me know if you come across some issues with this version.


  2. does the sudo chmod +x command thing work instead of dragging it into terminal every time?

  3. hi hizzy, the instructions work perfectly. did you ever make any progress on making the client runnable just by opening the .app file?

  4. Hizzy, you are a champ. We owe you big time!!

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