1. ((kfc))

    ((KFC)) New English Guild((Pvp&Pve) Looking For Active Members And Officers!...
    Please /w Huntage Or Kaspar For Info

    This is a PvP(premades/Rateds/Subwars) guild with PvE on the side.

    The invitations are open to all players of any level/gear till the guild reaches lvl25.

    After reaching 25 we will invite only skilled and friendly players to make this into a strong active guild.

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/7fvEGK8
    Good Luck
    @Guild Master

  2. You managed to completely omit any relevant information as to which faction your guild is on. That would go into your thread's title preferably, but since (to my knowledge) you can't edit that, please at least add it to your post.

  3. be active will see :D u got my point

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