1. [A] Medivh <Haritun Hirmuliskot> Etsii lisää pelaajia aloittaakseen 25man raidit

    Warmane – Medivh tbc server!

    Finnish Alliance Guild <Haritun Hirmuliskot> looking for more Finnish players to start 25man raids. We are currently running 2 groups at kara, so gearing your char should be easy. We are approximately at 25 active lvl70 players and theres some people leveling. This is unfortunately not enough because most of the people are working etc, so getting all the players to a raid at the same time can be a hard task to do. We are currently full at warriors, and finding a raid spot with rogue could be hard. Other classes/roles are highly appreciated. Priest is the rarest class atm. We usually raid 1-2 times a week ~17:30-~22:00 Sunday-Thursday.

    In game /w kenedy/kendus, Pumppaaja/pumpuhauliko, Sebaot, Lentokone, Felnaz or any other guild member for more info or ginvite.

    www.warmane.com TBC medivh <Haritun Hirmuliskot> Alliance

    Sori englannista, spammaan samaa mainosta useaan eri paikkaan.

  2. Rollatkaa hordelle. Siellä oottais samassa vaiheessa oleva Suomikilta.

  3. Ilmeisesti kilta on kuopattu. Ne jotka servulla jatkavat voivat löytää uuden kodin YAMAHA killasta

  4. Ilmeisesti kilta on kuopattu.
    Turkulaista laatua :|

  5. Sä oot lahesta, don't get offended D:

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