1. [H] <Materia> NA - PVE Guild

    Materia consists of a very tight knit core that has been raiding together on numerous private servers and being a top NA contender each time for about 6 years. When we recruit a new member we aren't just recruiting a class or specific spec but we like to think we're recruiting the person. We are not only a Raidng Guild but a community that are all good friends that keep in touch regardless of us being active on a server or not. We have only interest for long term members who have extensive knowledge of pve/a hardcore raiding environment in general who shares the same competitive attitudes we have. Since coming to medivh we have cleared all of T4 and just recently began Tier 5.

    We distribute loot during raids using a loot council formula which takes attendance, performance, attitude, upgrade, raid awareness/readiness, along with other things into consideration. Officers will discuss and decide loot distribution with help of this formula.

    We raid Mon/Tues/Thursday @ 9 PM eastern

    We are in need of MAGES and A HOLY PALADIN. these are the classes we are lacking, however we are always looking for skilled players of any class. We use discord and it is required that you are apart of it for voice comms in raid, updates, spreadsheets we have made up to keep track of loot (who needs what from which boss, whos received loot at which time)

    If you're interested or have questions, comment below and ill provide you a discord link or whisper any of the following officers in game:


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  4. I came from Anathema and have been raiding with Materia on this server, and its pretty tip top. While not every member switched over, there are some of us from the original guild as well as players from other private servers that Graphaa played with in the past. People not switching to TBC wasn't due to Graphaa, but mostly the server we chose and having to lvl all over again.

    This guild is fun, with a lot of helpful people willing to sacrifice their time to help others get attuned or gear.

  5. Still searching for 1 hunter/holy pally! we consider most classes anyway as long as the player is committed. Mostly interested in people who can attend all raids regardless of class. We are more then willing to help attune and gear you for tier 5 as well.

  6. we are 1/4 TK now. Still looking for Mage/Hunter/Hpal

  7. We are 4/6 SSC now. Still looking for a dedicated mage.

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