1. Unofficial Warmane Discord

    Hello Outland community!

    I have personally made an 'unofficial' public Discord server for Warmane's TBC community. It is intended as a community Discord. As such, moderation on the Discord server is limited. Don't attempt to scam, account trade or harass others to an unreasonable degree and you should be fine.

    What is Discord? It is a free text and voice program that can be run on a web browser or an app for several kinds of devices (PC, phone, etc). The text chat works much like Skype, while the voice chat works similarly to Teamspeak. It is also possible to speak with other users privately without any requirement for a server. With Discord, you can chat with your friends or other people that play on the same WoW server as you without needing to be logged in-game as well!

    You may Download Discord here, or simply run it from your web browser.

    If you'd like to join this Discord server, click the link below!

  2. Great Mercy :) I've already joined Discord. Great Project at all.
    Edited: December 22, 2017

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