1. The Spectrum Nutz

    Firstly hello everyone.
    We would like to invite you all on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsA...ZMyZBeTGhWBXwQ to watch and maybe also get inspired by our boss kills on Wotlk.

    who we are? We are people who have been bored with all the raid farms and headless dmg meters heating.
    Why we decided to do progress like this? Well as i mentioned above, we were bored and started slowly leaving our loved WotLK, but with this new adventure we found new reason to stay and progress.
    Why we choose this way to "hard progress"? Because itīs the most challenging :)
    And finally who are "we"?? Well there are few guys working on this.
    Firstly i have to mentioned Tierru, who is our lead and strategist who always present as Balance druid or Restokin (itīs way funny balance/resto talent build).
    Then thereīs me, who always have to call out some re....ed shouts or macros :D and doing all stupid things man can do :D (you will see). I pressent our Tank Prot paladin called Sekanica.
    Next member is Peremtor who pressent Enhancement Shaman, who is doing dps and also a lot of time keep me healing with insta healing waves and so, and also he share power of Bloodlust with us :)
    So we were, letīs say core party, but as we shared it a bit more guys wanted to join, so we get reinforcements, who they are?
    Dddolik as TTW mage, who is up for anything, but sadly donīt have much time :/
    Cameo as Retribution paladin - this guy is just broken in great meaning, you will just never see him fail and he is also great dps :)
    Yaotsinka who support us with great holy power as one of the best holy paladins i ever met.
    Mandarinkaxx as shadowpiest (finally someone who support my hp!!!)

    If you are interested what kind of gear, glyphs, enchants, flasks and talent builds we are using, feel free to ask.
    Well, this is more-less our composition for now, we hope you get inspired by us guys and will also try tryhard as we do :)
    For now please accept my justification, because not all videos are English language, we will add headlines soon.

    And finally we will be also very grateful if you leave for us like, comment or subscribe, thank you all.
    Have fun :)
    Edited: October 10, 2017

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