1. SbkzorTV | Mid-season2 RM 2k+ | & 1K subs event !

    Hola que tal everyone,

    I'm about to celebrate my 1k followers Achievement
    To do so, I will release various contents as soon as I hit 1000 subs, but I NEED SOME HELP !
    Today (11th/10/17) the sub count is :

    There will be 3 video release : 60FPS / 1080p.

    - 2 PVP Videos (1 on Warmane + 1 on a russian realm, which is dead now, between january and may2017)
    - 1 RP Machinima (still on the making, with some guest(s)).


    Until now : Playlist - Week 1 to Week 5 (clip taken from june, 19 (900ap) to july 28 (1150ap - 1950+ rat) as RM with various ungeared mage friends)

    SEASON 1 : I've been releasing during S1 some "weekly" videos to show my slow gear << progress >> (XD) in the violent world of warcraft !!
    I've done these video in order to expand my chanel while TBC Hype was big, but to be honest I was usually uploading 6/8 videos per year without any deadlines, on various realms (Every past PVP TBC realms) so this was kinda very active for my standards.

    NEXT RELEASE : MID Season 2 Rogue/Mage Clips (ft. Rivah) - taken when we were queuing around 2k+, in the past two weeks.

    SEASON 2:
    There will be only two videos
    The MID SEASON that will be released when I hit 1k subs,
    The SEASON END one that will be released in december.

    If you're not subbed, it's definitely the time to do it because the videos are readyyyy !

    (discover my chanel with my first warmane's thread)

    Edited: October 16, 2017

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