1. [H} <Verbose> NA Guild is recruiting!!!

    We are currently looking for a few spots to fill our raid with the correct classes. Our main recruiting focus is find 2-3 pure dps ranged classes. If your class/spec is not listed feel free to inquire, we are always open to exceptional players!

    - Mages
    - Warlocks
    - Hunters
    - Shaman (Enhance)
    - Priest (Holy)
    Being a leatherworker is a big plus as well!

    Our 25 man raiding times are Thurs/Sun/Tues 8-11 CST with 2 Karazhan groups on Wed/Mon 8-11 CST as well(The Kara raids are completely optional). We are currently 4/6 SSC 1/4 TK, with Gruul and Mag being killed every week.

    We do not raid a lot of time, so during our raids we try very hard to minimize down time and push trash/kill times to the limit. That also means we start promptly at 8 sharp with raid invites going out 20 minutes prior to start.

    Attendance is the single most import thing to us, we don't care if you are the greatest raider in the history of the world, if you cant make the raid days/times consistently do not bother.

    We do not care about your current gear level or if you are attuned, if you show up and put in the effort, we will be more then glad to assist you with those.

    Loot is handled with Loot Council that we factor in many things, and there isn't a exact algorithm to it, but feel free to ask our members, it is done to the fairest possible manner.

    We are a serious raiding guild, however casual friends and alts are always welcome.

    Discord is required and having a mic is a plus. Since we are NA, being able to understand English is a must.

    If you have any question or interested feel free to post here or contact Slimjimm, Aeltis, Prudence or Hashishin in-game.
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  2. "We do not care about your current gear level or if you are attuned, if you show up and put in the effort, we will be more then glad to assist you with those."
    "Hunter & Warlocks needed" Since the time I got invited and ever since the time after we hit 70(hmmm thinking hmmm).
    XD lol bros. Me and a friend was in the guild. Got invited to guild around level 30 thru global, and got to 70 a months time later (this was at the launch of Medivh). Logged in pretty much every day when possible (work and all), and stayed logged in for 8 hrs at a time farming gold while looking for groups in global for normals so we could get rep to run the heroic to get Kara attuned. But being how the server is with class/role imbalance it was hard to even start your own group and find a tank or healer or both most days. Being Hunter/Lock duo with solid DPS doesn't mean a thing if you can't find pugs. Ask guild you may ask? We did ask the guild for help and a few others did as well. But they only wanted to run heroics and not do any normals in their spare time off from raiding to fill out their raid team. And the time they did put in (they as in the people that were geared/officers/etc did a certain batch of time. So they would randomly do attunement help at mid day, for a NA focus guild you think that would be insane since most people have daylight, and others have Afternoon shifts right? Well if you missed the help "oh we did it eariler today, you should've been on then" it was your fault for having a normal life and they kept going on with their heroics. It was only fit for them to help on the time of their choosing and if you missed out, **** out of luck.

    For being one if not the only reliable NA guild that I heard about having decent players from word of mouth this wouldn't be a big deal. But since Warmane is EU ran with EU ping from the States, sometimes a lot of NA players shy away from that. Not to mention its 1x server instead of the GS Outland server, that also shy's away most of the players from the server. But to top the cake off when two classes you recruit for in game via global daily when you had them in your guild, all you had to do is help your already level 70 classes of need out.. would've been a lot easier. The server doesn't have a huge pop and when you just disregard your recruited players that stuck around from low level from the start of the server to reach max on a 1x then not help them when they log in day in and out, not to mention put in at least 8 hrs a day even after work or school. On top of farming gold to max profs which I was close to maxing Leatherwork(50-100 pts from max can't remember) and friend had max tailor and was working on enchanting. It wasn't like we were slacking off on putting in effort into our characters.

    Just a huge shame since many guilds have disappeared or no longer recruit that are NA based on this server. I have a 70 on Medivh but the gearscore ruins trying to do simple normals. ****ty experience, I wish I had screenshots of guild chat to solidify my statements I made. But for me and my friend to practically quit the server because of this bad experience of continuing to recruit in global for Hunter and Lock. Even when we hit 70 we were asking gchat daily to run normals and attunement quest chains since we knew other fresh 70's was in the guild. But they either found a group from pug'ing or they were a healer/tank class and had easy time to pug. But personally speaking to pug as double dps is extremely hard when the amount of tanks and healers doesn't meet the demand of all the other groups looking for normals as well. Finding a tank/heal was like winning the lottery since global had maybe 2-4 more additional normal groups with 3 dps looking for a tank or healer or just one of the two roles all at the same time.

    FeelsBadMan /endRant

  3. Well I am sorry to hear that Killa 162, I can not make much of a comment about your situation because it was a long time ago and a lot of members/officers have changed since then. But I agree with you on a lot of your points, the NA population is very small and the NA guilds need to do a better job of being more active to ensure our player base is solid, despite how small it may be. But I can assure you that in this current point in our guild we are doing everything in our power to attune players asap.

    We have enough geared players in T5 that can carry a few under geared player threw all of our currently farmed content, 4/6 SSC 1/4 TK, and we do not mind doing that. There are other ways to earn the reputations needed to run heriocs then running normals, and honestly we prefer farming prison keys vs running normals, it is faster and doesn't require a group. We have taken in fresh 70's that just farmed prison keys solo to enter the heriocs required for TK attunement, and now they are core raiders. It also shows us a level of commitment and dedication that we appreciate from any member. Feel free to message me in game, if you are interested in picking up where you left off I would be thrilled to discuss it with ya.


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