1. 60 progression on Outland, Alliance.

    Hello my dudes.

    I've got this groundbreaking idea, (not really) to make a progression based 60 guild.
    The idea is very simple that you're all familiar with, progress gear through dungeons/raids.

    Right now we're obviously recruiting everybody as we just started, but we've got a couple of people in the guild already but we'd need more to make this happen.

    Whisper Claylolqt, Exxe or anyone in <Flawless Victory> for either an invite or more information.


  2. creating 2-3 60 twinks on ALliance in outland i'll message you later!

  3. Very Interested in joining the Guild.

  4. Very much interested in this too. Please respond with how everything is going. My 60 char is horde Rn but if everything is good and active on alliance, ill join!

  5. Currently have 4 60s in my guild who i assume would be up for 60 events

  6. Please do update, so i know if its worth it to start on a new twink/swap my horde 60

  7. From my understanding (or from what I heard in the Hood the twinks hang in) 60s isn't going on that much, but 39s is booming.

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