1. 6 Days Ago  

    Cant Login my account on the website


    Everytime i try to login on the website, i have to use an authentification code. My problem is, that i get the code by email and when i use that code, the following sentance appears:
    "Your code has expired, a new code has been sent to your inbox."

    Then i use the new code and get the same message again. I can login my account in the client without any problems. Is there any fix or can anyone help me about that problem?

  2. 5 Days Ago  
    I have the same problem. I use the newest code every time and yet it always says it has expired.

  3. 4 Days Ago  
    This happened to me a couple of days ago... The only workaround I found is to wait for a few hours (or a day) and try again.

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